TAROT 7-Color LED DISC Light(w/DIP SW)

TAROT사의 7컬러 LED 디스크.

컬러 변경은 DIP SW 조작으로 최대 7가지로 변경 됩니다.

멀티콥터 뿐만 아니라 각종 비행기, 헬기, 자동차 등 폭넓게 사용이 가능합니다.


Suitable for multi-axis, through the machine, Helicopters, Cars and other lighting point, LED light board with 8 RGB5050 lamp beads circular design, through the appropriate toggle switch, optional seven colors of light, ultra-bright single lamp maximum board power 1.9W. Note: The positive and negative polarity and insulated inputs.

- Input: 14 ~ 17V DC, 4S LiPo battery
- Size: Light plate diameter 30mm, installation pitch 10mm, aperture 3mm
- Weight: 2.5g