[Matek] Linear Voltage Regulator Module /BEC 4S Lipo Output 12V for FPV CAM

Martek사의 QAV180/210/250급 소형 드론을 위한 초소형 12V 레귤레이터 시스템.

4Cell을 사용하는 Drone의 경우 FPV Camera 및 LED 등과 같은 장비로 인해 별도 12V 입력전압이 필요한데 이 경우 유용하게 사용됩니다.


At present, all most QAV250 or other mini quadcopter only has 2~4S power supply, can be directly from the battery, 5V can use OSD power supply,

but most of the camera operating voltage in 7~13V, very few can up to 15V, in the use of 4S battery, beyond the scope of the camera.

Available this linear module to the 4S battery voltage to the 12V, easy to power the camera.

Compared to switch BEC12V, linear regulator with a very low ripple, not the image signal generated interference.

- Input voltage: 4S, LiPo 13~17V battery

- Output voltage: 12V, voltage regulator accuracy 2.5%

- Output current: continuous 300mA

- Dimension weight: 25*10*3mm, 1g


- 1 x Linear voltage regulator module